Siltek Engineering, as part of the Bulgarian holding structure, has been developing successfully in the field of building electrical engineering for more than 10 years. From its start in 2001 to this moment, Siltek’s team of experts has acquired invaluable experience in the development of full range of electrical, security, information and building management systems, as well as in the overall project management.

During the years, we have striven to provide high quality products by following the requirements and the needs of our clients and partners.
Together with the development of the company, we also put efforts into developing our teams of designers, project managers, project proposal experts and service managers operating at the different organisational units.

Today, Siltek Engineering is among the leading companies in Bulgaria, working hard to establish itself on the international market by securing electrical engineering projects beyond the territory of Bulgaria.
We take pride in our highly qualified experts and managers experienced in the management of large electrical and electromechanical projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to make buildings smarter, securer and more comfortable. Our clients can count on our high-quality engineering services with optimised technical solutions at optimised costs.